Greetings, you've reached Disclosure, an update log for As any long-term project, I try to keep a record of the activity and main changes done on this domain. To fulfill this purpose, this update log is to keep track of announcements and general updates. To navigate to this site, use the icons appeared in white above. Please be mindful that as you progress further back to the older entries, some links you'll come across may be outdated and inaccessible.

Eidolon & PHP8

Happy end-of-April everyone. After many weeks of consideration, I've finally decided to close down Eidolon. The clique just wasn't making any progress over the years as there wasn't any spark in interests compared to Exvius. Seeing that the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (https) was causing such a difficult time for the code to work on others' sites, I've eventually gave up on it. Nonetheless, thank you to the members for a great 5-year progress.

When the news of PHP 8 on November 2022 was announced, I knew Dreamhost will eventually require everyone to upgrade to their latest version. Unfortunately, to keep certain sites from crashing from the upgrade, it'll cost an additional $5 fee monthly. Over the past few weeks, I've recently updated most of the backend coding to port for PHP 8. The whole network (including Caelestis and Enamour) at the moment are 85% running on v8.2 while the others are still at v7.4. Because of my upcoming graduation taking place in a few weeks, there won't be a complete update just yet. Honestly, the Listing Admin script was probably the only thing I felt more worried about because the developer isn't active. On top of that, scripts that weren't coded by me in general will take longer to fix. Fortunately, I have not come across any issues from the upgrade and will eventually be looking out for a more updated fanlisting script in the future.

Spring Cleaning

Three updates in one month? Supposedly, this is considered one of those 'once in a blue moon' that I get to update everyone with something. On a lighter note, I took this spring break as a large reprieve from the mess of obligations that my life is slowly becoming, and will continue to become until through the end of spring when my externship for this semester is over. Thus, the lack of updates. I've been focusing the most time I can though on fixing a lot of broken images, links and codings around the network as much as possible — mainly on Cloudplane.

After the semester ends, I will be revamping a couple sites and resuming on the network's projects. For lack of better terms, Dreamscape will be going through an overhaul. I've never been completely pleased with how the site was laid out or its content which means that certain contents will be compressed but will not have them severely removed; revisions should continue smoothly. Meanwhile, I went through form-coding troubles awhile back. It felt that it's all garbled now, and I cannot find a way to fix it. Stressing over why it didn't work for days, I realized I missed a piece of code which is why the form never worked in the first place. I must've overlooked it because the form worked on my other sites. Nonetheless, the idea of coming back for another day in hopes to get this problem fixed alleviated everything.

New Layout

After years of laziness and lack of inspiration, I've finally got a new theme up for my update log. Mind you, this design took 2 days to complete, albeit it was the CSS and how I want everything formatted that were rather time-consuming as I wanted to keep this design simple and legible. When Spring came, I finally thought there needed to be a more colourful, pastel appearance because I've always wanted something filled with all kinds of different shades in comparison to my previous versions. The problematic element with my last version was the how complex Wordpress was which I had to repeatedly figure out how to make my own personalized theme work with this script which really bothered me to no end, but at least it lasted for over a year.

In essence, I had to be more open with my choice of fonts to complement this design. Did you know that selecting the font for your layout actually affects your design? It was the font type, size, and color that gave me a whole different feel to this layout, but I digress. As for the background, I would normally keep simple, like a basic pattern or texture. However, I decided to browse for inspirations when I decided to give botanical line art with organic shapes a try. To my surprise, this pattern in particular went well with this layout — it didn't keep my site too busy as I only did necessary lighting adjustments and color changes. Overall, I do love the simplicity of this design; it's refreshing and this is probably going to stay up for a while.

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