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New Layout

After years of laziness and lack of inspiration, I've finally got a new theme up for my update log. Mind you, this design took 2 days to complete, albeit it was the CSS and how I want everything formatted that were rather time-consuming as I wanted to keep this design simple and legible. When Spring came, I finally thought there needed to be a more colourful and pastel looking appearance because I've always wanted something filled with all kinds of different shades in comparison to previous versions. The problematic element with my last version was the how complex Wordpress was which I had to repeatedly figure out how to make my own personalized theme work with this script which really bothered me to no end, but at least it lasted for over a year.

In essence, I had to be more open with my choice of fonts to complement this design. Did you know that choosing the right font for your layout actually affects your design? It was the font type, size, and color that gave me a whole different feel to this layout, but I digress. As for the background, I would normally keep simple, like a basic pattern or texture. However, that changed as I was browsing for inspirations when I decided to give botanical line art with organic shapes a try. To my surprise, this pattern in particular went well with this layout; it didn't keep my site too busy as I only did necessary lighting adjustments and color changes. Overall, I do love the simplicity of this design; it's refreshing and this is probably going to stay up for a while.

We're Moving

Hello everyone, we're super excited to announce that we will be moving to a new home (like an actual house). We’ve been wanting to move out after living at our old home for 8 years. I think it's about time we throw away a lot of things we don't need/use to the new house. The bad news is that Cerine and I will be busy packing and moving stuff which means there will be no upcoming updates for this month. We’ll also be starting our Fall semester for college and I’ll be starting my new job as well. Hopefully we’ll be able to do web stuff when we finalize everything and also in between school/work. Unfortunately, we’ll need to put our Pokémon collective on hold because it’s not complete yet. Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer break even though the weather here is so hot right now.

Grand Opening

Thank you for everyone's patience. Disclosure, our central update log, is officially up and running online. This will be our main updates for our network Aelysia, Celestialis, and Skylude. We will also post them through Twitter but in a more shorter version with the link to this site included.

News Script We finally got our news script up as well as a layout to go with it. We decided to run FanUpdate for now because it's lightweight and this is enough to get by through updates without the extra things from heavy scripts like Wordpress. In addition, we also prefer majority of our sites hosted under our domain as we have full control. That way, our updates don't suddenly disappear which is why we don't prefer free blogging sites like Tumblr or Livejournal. Let us know if you run into any issues along the way. I’ve also disabled the comments section because I don’t feel the need for it. But if the majority feels that this should be enabled, let me know.

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