Greetings, you've reached Disclosure, an update log for As any long-term project, I try to keep a record of the activity and main changes done on this domain. To fulfill this purpose, this update log is to keep track of announcements and general updates. To navigate to this site, use the icons appeared in white above. Please be mindful that as you progress further back to the older entries, some links you'll come across may be outdated and inaccessible.

Credits & Collective Directory

The credits directory, Memento finally has a new layout uploaded. I finished it awhile back, but I forgot to mention it until now. Anyway, huge relief to have it finished. The old version was an absolute mess, because it hadn't been updated with latest layouts and even had some old sites up in the archives. So let me know if there are any issues you have when using a different browser and I'll fix them as soon as possible.

Cloudplane went through some content changes including the rules, updated the form, removed/added new collective sites. One thing I did work on these past two days were changed some CSS coding because I wasn't satisfied with how it looked in the beginning. Inspiration doesn't come as easily as it once did, nor do I have time to dedicate to my websites. And so the layout currently displays this state of mind.

Lastly, I forgot to mention that I also replaced the link buttons I had with new ones from my collective domain, because the old buttons were ugly and were in dire need of change. That's all for the updates today. I'm currently in my last semester of undergrad and, along with the usual butt-load of school work, all the decisions I have to make regarding the future has really taken its toll on me. I still can't promise that I'll be able to update regularly, but know that none of my websites have been deserted.

Disclosure Beta Script

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I've mentioned a year or two that I'll be making my own blogging/update script. After several years of trial and error and also porting it to work for PHP7, I was able to finally develop my own news script. I am no longer using WordPress and am now using the script which is currently on beta version, meaning this will not be available to the public for use yet so please do not ask.

I named it after my update log — Disclosure — a standalone script for updates/blogging platform built with PHP/MYSQL which can only run by a single person. For a lightweight script, it supports many necessary features and personal themes are fully customizable for any websites. This simple blogging script is designed merely for updates without the comments section implemented.

Version 1.0.0 Beta Features
  • Fully supports PHP 7.x and MySQL 5.x
  • Header/footer customizable for websites
  • Admin panel for single user
  • Search feature for any keywords
  • Archive sorts number of entries for a month, per year
  • Entries
    • Fields for title, category, entry preview, admin name, date, and main content
    • Add, edit, delete posts
    • Markdown syntax
    • HTML markup
    • Single entries can be displayed when viewing to an assigned ID
    • Option to display short posts and clicked to a full entry aka "read more"
    • Displays number of entries per page
    • Manual date available when updating an entry
    • Current date automaically displays when adding an entry
    • Shows a confirmation message before deleting an entry
    • Set number of entries per page
    • Set number of pages to display
  • Categories
    • Add, edit, delete categories
    • Generate SEO friendly URLs (slugs)
    • Counts number of entries in a category
    • Shows a confirmation message before deleting a category
    • Set number of pages to display
  • Advanced pagination
    • Displays amount of pages before proceding (e.g. displays first 5 pages out of 10 pages total)
    • Allows user to jump to the very first/end of the page
    • Next/Previous arrows when clicked directs to designated page without clicking on page numbers
    • Current page becomes a non-clickable link

Future Updates
  • Improve coding when someone tries to access a link to a specific part of a file that's non-existant
  • Assign multiple categories on an entry
  • Operate settings under options in admin panel rather than actual PHP file itself
  • Make an installation script
  • Create a better admin panel theme

    Fixed Layout & Contact Form

    I tried fixing up my contact form again, but with a new layout this time. This one should work across all browsers. If it doesn't, let me know so I can kick myself. I'm getting pretty lazy with my layouts. Or maybe they're just different than what I used to do — I guess I'll roll with that one. I tried doing something with subpages, but that uninspired me very quickly. I guess I'll need to keep my design very simple for now.

    Aside from my laziness, Lost Ark on steam just released a month ago and the addiction to gaming is real. If you don't see me around updating anything significant, then this is why.

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