Greetings, you've reached Disclosure, an update log for As any long-term project, I try to keep a record of the activity and main changes done on this domain. To fulfill this purpose, this update log is to keep track of announcements and general updates. To navigate to this site, use the icons appeared in white above. Please be mindful that as you progress further back to the older entries, some links you'll come across may be outdated and inaccessible.

Contact Form

I'm in the process of doing some behind-the-scene work, which includes fixing up the information section, so even if there doesn't seem to be any visible change, a lot of work is being done. I promise. I’ve been wanting to give my contact form a revamp for a while and actually made a layout back in November. Two months has passed and I finally got around to putting it up. I've also updated the script—again—to stop the crazy spam.

Meanwhile, Disclosure gets a temporary layout and was converted to WordPress, barely worth mentioning. I probably won't stick too long with this script either. I'm currently working on my own blog script which will take years to complete; the newer PHP version has affected the script to work, thus will take a while to complete until I get the necessary clean up the coding needs.


I haven’t posted here in a while, mostly out of laziness, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t updated. I don't know what it is about exam season last month, but it is actually when I'm the most productive. Twisted, right? But I always feel more compelled to procrastinate and during my study breaks, I just get more inspirational. It's probably in rebellion to all the memorizing I'm forced to do.

New Project
With that said, Cloudplane is officially finished. It's a domain/subdomain collective directory I've always wanted to finish for the longest time, but I get side-tracked doing other sites in the process. I had Cerine complete the main the design while I managed to get the contents and coding up. If you own a collective that covers the genre of anime, manga or gaming subjects, then feel free to send a form over.

When Winter Feels Like Spring

The long-awaited fanlisting collective is now live to the public. We present to you Enamour. Cerine and I came to an amicable decision to release a spring-themed layout on a winter season. In my defense, I would lose that design inspiration should I decide to wait another two months into this. The colour scheme is very similar to that of the Shinshi Doumei Cross fanlisting layout (which was not done on purpose) and it's very simplistic to keep everything organized. This design features Kaiou Michiru (Sailor Neptune) in her princess and super form from the series Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. The theme is mainly composed of floral, peach/seaform pastel color, with a hint of that vintage vibe.

Aside from the grand (re)opening, there were tasks that we also completed:
  1. Cleared out dead affiliates
  2. Informed existing affiliates about our move
  3. Applied for a couple affiliations
  4. Tweaked on coding (for hours)
  5. Added more link bank buttons in various sizes
  6. Reworded a couple words/sentences on certain sections

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