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Enamour x Persona 5

As March is coming to an end this year, Cerine and I have finally completed a new design to give Enamour a change as promised. The second version features the series Persona 5: The Royal. This project had been on hold since January, but we could never find any inspiration to complete it let alone that I also got sick around that month. So many times have I looked at this image and said, "I need to work on it." When it was time to really push this design, I find myself sick again which in turn projects got pushed back once more. I have come to notice that every year of my Chinese zodiac, I get sick more often than usual.

Although I have never played Persona 5 for myself, Cerine have. Some say it's overrated, some say it's series that I should look into. For me personally, this art direction has is second to none— the way the bold colors interact with each other and are used always captivates me whenever look at its art, and how while the colors are so bold work together so smoothly is something I very much enjoy. When I think of the words aesthetic or style, this game's art style would be an ideal thing that comes to mind. That said, I have overwhelming love and admiration for this style as it has a very chic but bold design visuals that grabs people‚Äôs attention at first sight.

When Winter Feels Like Spring

The long-awaited fanlisting collective is now live to the public. We present to you Enamour. Cerine and I came to an amicable decision to release a spring-themed layout on a winter season. In my defense, I would lose that design inspiration should I decide to wait another two months into this. The colour scheme is very similar to that of the Shinshi Doumei Cross fanlisting layout (which was not done on purpose) and it's very simplistic to keep everything organized. This design features Kaiou Michiru (Sailor Neptune) in her princess and super form from the series Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. The theme is mainly composed of floral, peach/seaform pastel color, with a hint of that vintage vibe.

Aside from the grand (re)opening, there were tasks that we also completed:
  1. Cleared out dead affiliates
  2. Informed existing affiliates about our move
  3. Applied for a couple affiliations
  4. Tweaked on coding (for hours)
  5. Added more link bank buttons in various sizes
  6. Reworded a couple words/sentences on certain sections

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