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Pokemon Collective Revamp

Happy Halloween everyone. Before this October ends, the second version of the Pokemon collective layout has been launched, celebrating the 5-year anniversary of the site. The new layout has certainly been a long time in the making; not so much for the actual amount of time spent on trying to perfect such a simple design, but the amount of time in-between the previous proper layout and the new one. I've debated whether I wanted to work on the collective despite that the PSD file's been collecting dust in my hard drive for almost 6 months. The initial idea was to attempt to update the site last year, unfortunately that fell through. The old layout had lasted way too long, and the prolonged period of inactivity was absolutely detrimental to the site. Not that I can help it.

The entire site has gone through a huge overhaul as Cerine and I worked hard to improve the contents on this site these past two weeks. In the meantime, all previous contents except the link buttons were replaced with better quality images. A few concepts of the previous design were retained. Older codes/buttons will eventually change as the designs are still pretty decent, for now. Last but not least, the entire sections were reworked and updated. Please visit Dreamscape when you get the chance. In particular, I urge you to check out the trainers and about section.

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