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After several years and many name changes later, the second version of the layout archive has been launched with a new name as the previous felt lacklustre and didn't flow well to describe the site. To continue our promise with the project revamp, Cerine and I are working hard to strive on improving each of our works and preventing old designs from being too stagnant. With this latest release, I had every intention to continue pursuing in uploading and adding in all archived layouts that have not been added to the database for the past two years. It was quite a daunting task — most layouts were re-screencapped to higher resolutions as well as thumbnails. In addition, file names were renamed as they were quite messy and difficult to organize. Had to backtrack the dates when the layouts were officially up based on TFL, TAFL, and our own network update logs. I'm hugely relieved it's finally complete. Hence, I present to you Blueprint.

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