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Cloudplane's New Design

Hurray to day offs. They never fail to provide me with much respite from the relentless assault of hectic work shifts, assignments and what-not. Much can be said of what has come to pass in the past week since I last bothered about updating, but such things are usually hard to put into words. I shall try my best.

Firstly (and certainly the most pertinent), a new design just dropped at Cloudplane. After many consideration of attempts of how we wanted the site to look on the previous layout, the "fixes" felt like placing a band aid on a wound that never closes. Thus, the second layout was decided, more or less on a whim, after finding the perfect image to suit the name of the directory's name better. In turn, the new layout is also the second time that I’ve coded pure DIV in ages. I’m a little rusty as it took some time getting used to table-less coding again. Not to mention that I’m sorely outdated on the latest GUI, trends and skills. Otherwise, it’s a simple layout for easy navigation. In addition, the directory was updated to include a revision of rules and about section, and removal of dead links.

So in closing, I conclude by saying that there is a new layout for another network that’s currently in the works. Please stay tuned for more updates round the corner.

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