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Exvius: Update

My sincere apologies to the people who applied for the Exvius clique during June 2022 ~ March 2023. Due to my last semester for school and other personal reasons, I was unable to process over 15 forms during that time. In addition, for some reason, the script somehow stopped notifying me via email. Hence, the clique had a major overhaul to remedy the situation: form fixed, more sprites added, certain sections re-coded, a couple pages revamped, and rules updated.

Speaking of rules, I stated that a sprite can only be claimed once per site. But because I neglected the clique prior, I received a couple applications with the same choice of sprite. However, I did not penalize them for it, but rather have them keep their favorite guardian. Thus, people who applied and were affected during the date stated will be exempted from this rule, until they decide to change their character. The rule for one sprite per site still applies for everyone else. In conclusion, I was able to fix the entire clique and processed everyone's form without problems. If you applied for the clique before, but did not see your site here please re-apply on the form again. Again, I apologize for the inconveniences that occurred for almost a year regarding this problem and thank you to those who reached out to me about this.

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