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Out Sick

Happy New Year everyone. I was hoping to have a fresh start for this new year with everything I planned. I wanted to hold off on major updates and hoped to make an update on the first week of January so that I could have every excuse to include something new. Unfortunately, a few days after a Christmas party I attended, things took a downturn for the worst as I've gotten really sick which lasted for 3 weeks. I'm still recovering, but feeling a lot better.

  1. Affiliate - Aelysia has a new affiliate on board; please welcome Christina of Midnight-Cloud. I truly admire her works and you'll find shrines in German and English. She also runs cute little pixel cliques which I advise you join. Thank you so much for affiliating with me.
  2. Exvius - Speaking of cliques, Exvius also has a new facelift to compliment the clique better. I'm also not manually adding in members anymore and decided to use Listing Admin to keep my sanity on applications intact. To manually process applications, send approval notices, add/update members details on the database in the past was a very tedious task and wasn't fun either. The Listing Admin script does not accept duplicate emails per application unfortunately. Therefore, the rule for one guardian per site has changed to one site per person only for all future applications.
  3. Layout Archive - Added in a Next/Prev button when viewing a thumbnail in a larger scale on our layout archive, Blueprint. This will assist users to navigate to another design rather than closing and opening a new window to view another layout.

Exvius: Update

My sincere apologies to the people who applied for the Exvius clique during June 2022 ~ March 2023. Due to my last semester for school and other personal reasons, I was unable to process over 15 forms during that time. In addition, for some reason, the script somehow stopped notifying me via email. Hence, the clique had a major overhaul to remedy the situation: form fixed, more sprites added, certain sections re-coded, a couple pages revamped, and rules updated.

Speaking of rules, I stated that a sprite can only be claimed once per site. But because I neglected the clique prior, I received a couple applications with the same choice of sprite. However, I did not penalize them for it, but rather have them keep their favorite guardian. Thus, people who applied and were affected during the date stated will be exempted from this rule, until they decide to change their character. The rule for one sprite per site still applies for everyone else. In conclusion, I was able to fix the entire clique and processed everyone's form without problems. If you applied for the clique before, but did not see your site here please re-apply on the form again. Again, I apologize for the inconveniences that occurred for almost a year regarding this problem and thank you to those who reached out to me about this.

PHP7 LA & Exvius

With the growing concerns from the fanlisting community regarding Enthusiast and Listing Admin not being able to work beyond PHP5, finally now has a working script specifically ported to PHP7. Much thanks to Ekaterina for the contribution, especially for my favorite Listing Admin script. I honestly didn't want to change to Enthusiast as I'm spoiled by the features Listing Admin has to offer. Prior to this my host, Dreamhost, notified and gave everyone some time to update their scripts as we did not have any option to keep PHP5 anymore. This change was due to the features, improvements, functions, and depreciation to the language compared to PHP7. Nonetheless, I have updated all fanlistings to prevent from getting listed in the troubles section in the future. Although I have carefully looked through every individual fanlistings, please let me know if you run into any errors.

During the time we waited for an available working FL script, I have also opened a claim clique based from Square Enix's popular Final Fantasy series franchise called Exvius. This content was originally started by our former affilate, Evey, but the idea disappeared somewhere in the internet along with her domain. Years later, I figured I'd revive the idea because I love the clique concept so much. I'm also a big Final Fantasy fan myself. In addition, I don't necessarily have to design any pixels on my end. If you are a previous member or new, feel free to join us.

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