Greetings, you've reached Disclosure, an update log for As any long-term project, I try to keep a record of the activity and main changes done on this domain. To fulfill this purpose, this update log is to keep track of announcements and general updates. To navigate to this site, use the icons appeared in white above. Please be mindful that as you progress further back to the older entries, some links you'll come across may be outdated and inaccessible.

Updated to PHP 8.2

PHP 8.2 is now 100% updated throughout the whole network. Errors that were addressed in the previous update are fixed. With this update, there will be guarantee a few bugs that'll surface. Feel free to address any issues you may come across. The guestbook is updated to its latest version. Cerine also generously gave the guestbook a new layout, so in return, I figured it would be a great time to re-organize the contents and coding as well. It will be another 2 years or so until we'll need to update any depreciated coding.

Known Issues

Hope everyone's having a wonderful Memorial Day. Thank you everyone that contacted us about a few things that weren't working around the network. Please note because of the PHP 8.2 update, it has affected a couple sites (which I have not yet updated) throughout the network, mine and Cerine's. They are:
  1. General Forms (non-fanlistings)
  2. Guestbook sign form
  3. Pagination (non-fanlistings) via credits directory
  4. Cerine's update log
Please rest assured that I will individually get to them. Now that I have more free time and with school officially over, I have already completed a number of things. Should anyone need to reach out with other things that weren't addressed, please contact me or Cerine via email instead. Thank you for your patience everyone and we apologize for the inconveniences.

Eidolon & PHP8

Happy end-of-April everyone. After many weeks of consideration, I've finally decided to close down Eidolon. The clique just wasn't making any progress over the years as there wasn't any spark in interests compared to Exvius. Seeing that the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (https) was causing such a difficult time for the code to work on others' sites, I've eventually gave up on it. Nonetheless, thank you to the members for a great 5-year progress.

When the announcement of PHP 8 was released, I knew Dreamhost will eventually require everyone to upgrade to the latest version. Unfortunately, in order to keep a couple sites running smoothly in legacy PHP versions, an additional $5 monthly fee is required. PHP 7 is still quite relevant, but there's really no point keeping old codes working at PHP 7 or lower because of security vulnerabilities. Thus, over the past few weeks, I've updated most of the backend coding to port for PHP 8. So far, the whole network (including Caelestis and Enamour) at the moment are 85% running on v8.2 while the others are still at v7.4. Because of my upcoming graduation taking place in a few weeks, there won't be a complete update just yet. Stay tuned for the next updates.

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